About the site

We wanted to create an area where everyone can share their creations related to oxygen not included. Right now we have a way to share the yaml files for debug mode contraptions and post screenshots. We are working on adding interactive builder/viewer so that you can actually make, edit, and view creations much like in the game but using an HTML5 tool. We are also working on other helpful/useless tools related to the game like a dupe designer. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

Meet the staff

We are only a few. Myself ( Panguino ) and a couple supporters. If you are interested and joining or helping contribute we would love to hear from you since this is a purely free passion project for us and for the community to use. Any way you can contribute is great, if its becoming a staff member or just posting content, is great!

Want to help?

We are always looking for people willing to help with the tools and site, if you would like to become part of the team let us know!