Step 1 – Locate your game folder

By default Oxygen Not Included is installed in
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded

If your Steam is installed in a different location, look for your game folder there.

Step 2 – Enable debug mode

Create a new empty text file called debug_enable with extension .txt Make sure .txt is the extension and not a part of the file name!

Place the created file in the OxygenNotIncluded_Data folder inside your game directory. If your game was running you will need to restart it for the change to take effect.

Step 3 – Create and save a template file in game

Load up a map and create something you want to make a template of.

Save map and then Press Backspace in a enable debug tools keep in mind this will discover your entire map – it’s a good idea to have a separate map for sandbox purposes.

(note: Using sandbox or debug instant build mode (Ctrl + F4) you can build without needing duplicants nor materials. )

Base and world tools menu will allow you to select an area and save the selection to a template file, as well as use existing templates and paste them into your world.

Make a selection and save your ‘blueprint’.

Step 4 – Upload your template file

Go back to your game folder and navigate to OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\templates
( note: game folder typically C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded )

In that folder, you will find your newly created template (alongside prebuilt templates) saved as a *.yaml file.

These templates that you can upload. Done!

Download and use other peoples blueprints

Any Downloaded template files should be placed in the same directory as described in step 4. If your game is running, you might need to reload the game to see the new file.

You can then select the file from the list and paste in game ( using debug mode of course ).

If you have any issues you can contact staff via discord or through the website.